Evolutional history of sediments on Southern Central Continental Việt Nam Shelf

in Pliocene-Quaternary


Đinh Xuân Thành, Trần Nghi, Trần Thị Dung

Pliocene - Quaternary sediments of South Central Vietnam Shef evolve over 8 stage make up 8 sedimentary cycles (N21, N22, N23, Q11, Q12a, Q12b, Q13a, Q13b –Q2). Each cycle begins with coarse grained sediments, continemal environmem of falling stage systems tract/lowstand systems tract (FSST/LST) formed in the stage of sea level fall. Ending the cycle is fine gained sediments, marine environment of transgressive systems tract/highstand system tract (TST/HST) formed in the period of sea level rise. Sedimentary gained size fining upward gradually in each cycle and from the fourth to the eighth cycle. Modern Shelf was built mainly by the great volume of terrigenous sediments that formed in subaqueous deltaic environment in the regressive period due to the impact of glacial in Pliocene - Quaternary and tectonic activity including uplift in the comment to inner shelf and subsidence in the outer shelf.

Người biên tập: TS. Nguyễn Tiến Hi.