The application of remote sensing and GIS to transormations of river bank morphology. A case study of Red river in H Nội area

Trương Xun Luận, Đỗ Thị Hằng

This paper presents research result on Red river bank changes in H Nội area by analysis of remote sensing data, compare with the actual observation results and some existing maps (topographic and land-used maps). The result showed that phenomenon deposition varied over the years as well as the different stages of the year. During the period 1996-2003, deposition area is 26.3 km2 located along the right bank in Ba V, north of Đan Phượng, M Linh, and Đng Anh districts, metropolitan area; erosion area equals 11.7 km2, located along Vĩnh Phc Province, opposite Ba V district, Phc Thọ district and the South of M Linh district. During the period 2003-2011, deposition area was 11.2 km2 distributed mainly in Vĩnh Phc Province, Phc Thọ and the South of M Linh districts; erosion area was 23.8 km2 scattered from Ba V district to the Central city. During the period 2011-2013, deposition process occurred weakly, approximately 0.6 km2; erosion occurred sharply at the left bank of Ba V and scattered in Phc Thọ, Đan Phượng and Thanh Tr districts, around 14.8 km2.

Người bin tập: TS. Đo Thi Bắc.