Pre-Cenozoic Geology of the western mainland of Nam Bộ

Thái Bá Ngọc

The existence of sandstones, limestones with karst caves and fractured igneous rocks is important reservoirs for Petroleum geology. Tri Tôn (An Giang province), Hà Tiên, and Ḥn Đất (Kiên Giang province) are regarded as ideal places of field trip for students from the Department of Petroleum, Faculty of Petroleum Engineering and Geology, Hồ Chí Minh City University of Technology. Based on geological data, the authors present the Pre-Cenozoic geological units in the study area including Devonian terrigenous sediments (Ḥn Heo Formation), Permian limestones (Hà Tiên Formation), Triassic felsic volcanic rocks and their tuffs with minor associated terrigenous (Ḥn Ngang Formation), the Upper Triassic - Lower to Middle Jurassic' terrestrial deposits (Tà Pa Formation) as well as the Cretaceous igneous rocks (Định Quán and Đèo Cả intrusive complexes).

Người biên tập: GS. TS Trần Văn Trị.